Let's see - what is to know about me?

Well, I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada in a town called Paradise. This means I grew up on the finer things in life, like pineapple Crush, cod fish and french fries with gravy and dressing (stuffing) on it. Don't judge! It also means that, like alot of Newfoundlanders, I learned how to skate on an inlet from the ocean, I've thrown seaweed at my younger sister, I've eaten a touton and a cod tongue (yum and blech - in that order), icebergs are a sign of summer, and I have a massively huge extended family... 50 first cousins huge.

I moved to Ontario when I was 18 with my parents and my sister and eventually married the love of my life (and biggest pain in the rear end... I'm all about keeping it real). We have been together for 11 years, or something like that. I can never remember the date of our wedding anniversary, but I know we started dating June 1999. Thankfully he enjoys teasing me about this crazy brain anomaly I experience.

We have one son who is the sunshine on my every day. He makes me laugh, and he makes me think - my two favourite qualities in a person! We are buddies, and I fully intend to hold the car keys hostage and remind him I threw him a themed kick ass birthday party every year, when he is too cool to remember that. For now I will just relish in being his buddy, with no strings attached.

I blog because I like to make things... and do things. I also like to buy things and intend to do things with it and end up forgetting about it, so hopefully this holds me accountable to some of that. Also, I live with boys... the kind of boys whose follow up question to "what are you making?" is "why?" complete with face of "she's losing it".

I craft and redecorate and buy old furniture because I love it. Always have. I blame Lynette Jennings and Martha Stewart...  between the two of them I developed a sickness that never ever sees a thing for it's intended purpose. Tree branch? Why that's a topiary, curtain rod, lamp base, table leg, candle holder, pot rack! Of course!

Hopefully you will like popping in here to see what madness has been created, and how it went over in my house.