Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I couldn't do it.

After dragging my rear end all over the place yesterday I was all done by 5pm. So no uploads. I'm sad too.

BUT - can you knit? Do you have or know of a little girl? If so this article from Canadian Living is for you.
Knit Fairy Wings. How adorable is this?

Via Canadian Living

I would really like to learn how to knit, but I just don't think I was born with the patience required for such a thing. I love it - I love the tradition of knitting and crocheting, I love the feel of knit mittens and socks, I love the beauty of a cabled sweater. I just don't love the time I presume all of that loveliness takes.  Which is why it's highly likely you will only ever see me post the ideas and patterns and creations of talented knitters - which I am not.

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