Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday when I got home from work I ran about setting up my little mitten storage project to share with you. Once I got it figured out I set about taking a picture while I still had a little bit of daylight left, and I even thought ahead and had put the camera batteries in the charger the night before. Seriously? Who do I think I am being so organized?

Exactly. Who do I think I am to think being organized in my house was something that could ever be achieved?

I noticed there was only one battery in the charger, and the other one was staring up at me from under the floor grate (along with a couple of Nerf darts, a plastic food french fry, plastic army men and 85 pounds of dog fur). So I asked the small mister "What the heck? Did you do this?" - but imagine this being said by a woman who would honestly mark herself quite a few rungs lower than Mary Poppins on the patience meter. Quite a few.
"Yes" says the small mister "I was playing a trick!" he calls over his shoulder as he runs away making "pew pew pew" noises at the bad guy du jour. "I'm so funny!" he yells.

"I'm not laughing!" I reply back at him, deciding in that moment that I am not reaching into that floor vent... what about the mouse?

"Well, I am!!" He giggles past me on his next lap through the house.

So on that note I really would like to recommend this wine and this book to my fellow mothers of future men. Have a nice afternoon!


casapinka said...

Holy cow can i relate to this!! Last night i was so "mommed" out after my husband working for the past month 24/7, snow days, sick kids etc. that when one hit the other i actually said, "i don't care- beat the pulp out of him!" of course, what she did was take away a star from him and tell him to go to the naughty chair. then, i went outside in the cold air and breathed deeply so nobody would be put in a body bag. so, with that comparison you can feel quite high on the mary poppins scale!

Amy K @ Chestnut Tree Lane said...

Pink! Thanks for stopping by!
If only we had a carpet bag full of tricks, eh? Of course, I think Mary doses those kids with Nyquill at some point, no? ;)

Chickie said...

I love your story telling style. I know YOU weren't laughing, but I was. <3

Kim said...

Can't wait to see the mitten organizer. Thanks for the book rec. I love the title alone!