Monday, March 7, 2011

I Survived!

Do you guys remember I was telling you about the pit of neglect, aka "The Red Room"?

Well! After almost having a nervy B trying to find my spools of thread, and bits of cut fabric for my quilt and tripping over dinosaurs and castles (The red room had a brief stint as a playroom once... brief... like 2 weeks... then it was obvious I couldn't fit my kid, his friend and all his crap in the room...) I threw my hands in the air. I stomped out of the room, stepping on a lego and tripping over a tube of wrapping paper in the process... I realized I was done with the uselessness of The Red Room...

So I weighed my options...
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... and decided on Thursday (after still no luck finding the quilt) to just take the day off and use my impromptu 4-day weekend to clean it out. Luckily I got the clutter busted out quickly, then spent the next day organizing my craft supplies... I feel like I am in the home stretch and I still have 2 pieces of furniture to paint - oh and the room. But! I can now find my quilt pieces, I could easily grab a gift bag, tissue paper and a card for the birthday party my son attended without swearing, and I can see that I have about 6 bottles of white paint...

I can't wait to show you how this will turn out!

Oh yeah, not a single pic of it to share today... my camera is missing. Ha. Go figure.

But check out this beauty I have my eye on!

Hopefully everything works out and I can get it from the seller this week. I'm thinking I have the perfect spot for this in the dining room! (White... with green interior? maybe?)

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