Monday, March 14, 2011

Mellow yellow

I successfully decrapified my soon to be craft room... totally liberating! I am kind of shocked to report that there wasn't much to get rid of, only mountains to organize. So this week I have a little wrapping paper storage shelf to share. I'm also going to show you how I intend to store all my tools, scissors, markers, glue... it seems to me that I suffer from wandering tool syndrome (because of crafting all over the house) so hopefully this fancy system helps.

I also made my way to the big orange box and bought some paint... so while I don't have a big reveal on the room yet (because I spent the weekend sanding, priming, and painting furniture) I do have a palate to share!

Paint swatches via: / Fabric swatches via:

Anyhow the wall color is the lovely yellow (jonquil by Behr), the grey is going on most of the furniture (french silver, Behr) and the coral is just for fun (called Japanese coral on the card, cannot find it online! Behr). I'm liking that grey swirly pattered fabric for the curtains.
I'm having trouble deciding which floral fabric I like for the chair... I'm leaning towards the one closest to the bottom. Opinions?
I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, whether it was productive or relaxing!

By the way, my favourite guest blogger has something up her sleeve for you guys as well. My buddy Kelly, she is so darn crafty... you'll love it!

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