Monday, April 18, 2011

This week!

Well Easter is ready to jump up and bite some arse this week! So this is just a quick Monday post from me to tell you about some posts I have in store for you.

A cheapo dollar store craft... the ends up as an egg. I know - oooh aaah.

A cute little dessert for the kiddos in small misters class.

If time permits I am going to set up my new printer and try my hand at printing directly on fabric. With my new printer. But I am sort of chicken. So we shall see.

I also went to an awesome home show this weekend and met some amazing people. I hope to feature them coming up shortly too. Ah-May-Zing.

Best of all, Miss Kelly just sent me an email with some awesome spruced up Easter/ spring decor. I am hoping she is bringing it here to share. It is adorable. I love when Kelly posts here, she has the best ideas and the motivation to finish that crap and then show us how awesome she is. Kelly needs an "About me" page, right?!

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