Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh... hi...

She said casually as though she had not been MIA for the past week or so. Yikes.
I am stressing because I haven't put up a post in a long time... and the truth is I have many projects prepared, and in progress... but getting them online has been a bit of a challenge.
So, hang tight... be patient with me, I am getting things in order...

The problem here is that I start 50 projects at once... and nothing really gets finished in a timely fashion.
I have new lights to share, a neat curtain rod idea, a painted piece of furniture, an almost complete craft room... things are clipping right along. At a very Amy pace. It's who I am!
I hope those of you with today off are enjoying your long weekend, and to my Canadian comrades... a full work week ahead for us I guess.... how long until July first weekend? :)
Happy Monday folks.

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