Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An idea...

I was in the middle of fighting with a canvas last night and it hit me... not the canvas, but an idea.

These things happen when whatever I have planned for a project does not turn out as I had expected... at all. So I don't have a "ta-da" for you today. But I do have an idea of a ta-da for tomorrow.

A friend of mine had asked me to come up with some kind of wall hanging for her daughters room. So I went back and forth on a few things... but I finally think I may have come up with an idea! Last night I abandoned the canvas and trying to make it into a hair band / jewellery holder (sort of) and thought about maybe a series of canvases (or possibly frames... hmm) that I could make into something special - and useful. Her daughter is coming into that transitional age so it still has to be fun... here are some inspiration pictures of what is to come.


La Petite Playhouse

Under the Table and Dreaming - Via: One Pretty Thing

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