Thursday, October 21, 2010

A little more Boo for your Buck?

So here is what I came up with to spookify my front porch: silver spray painted skulls and some twigs.
Done and done!

I got these guys at the dollar store (I should consider buying stock there...) but I didn't like the um... authentic brown aged look of them. Too scary... doesn't scream Happy Halloween!!

I prefer disco skulls. I achieved that look with a little help from some handy dandy spray paint from the hardware store. We've all done the glittered pumpkins by now, or talked ourselves out of it (so messy!) many times... silver spray paint I can do.

The small mister is loving it. I'm pretty happy with it too especially for it being a buck or two, plus it's not all in your face skulls and dead stuff. Not that fake scary graveyards and all of that isn't pretty cool. I'm just a big fat chicken who has only seen 3 scary movies, through my fingers, with my head under a pillow. I'm that girl who used the phrase "disco skulls" - I'm OK with that!

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