Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Have you ever started a project and thought to yourself "oh no". Well let me tell you, making a quilt is nothing to sneeze at. First you have all these little pieces to cut out, then you start sewing, and sewing and sewing, and then you realize that this might take longer than an evening or three to complete.

Red Pepper Quilts

Via Red Pepper Quilts

My journey began with an idea to turn Super Mario into a quilt. As you might remember we have a bit of a fan of Mario in this house. My journey began about 6 months ago. Not even kidding. I was on a roll, cut all the squares, started sewing the squares together, had a few lines done... then pfft. Lost interest.

Via Red Pepper Quilts
Via Red Pepper Quilts

But the leaves are falling, my oven is rolling out soups and chili and pies (also lots of smoke, what is up with that??) - cooler weather is approaching. With cooler weather comes cozy blankets and fluffy sweaters, and hot chocolate. Mmmmmm. So my attention returns to that quilt I started and tossed aside. It won't be as lovely as those featured on Red Pepper Quilts, my goodness she is talented! I have no idea what I am doing, and I'm OK with that! It's a journey... a learning experience... a bribe so my kid thinks I am cool... you know, the usual.

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