Friday, October 8, 2010


Finally I have uploaded the pictures of the crow I sewed up for Fall/ Halloween.

A long time ago a friend of mine shared a pattern for these cute little birdies from a blog called Spool Sewing that had been made into a mobile.  I think I must have made about a dozen of these little guys for Christmas last year as ornaments to give as gifts (I just reduced the pattern to 75% on a copier). I put the pattern away and came across it randomly the other day and thought I should make a couple for my big red birdcage. Then it came to me.... fall decorations.... Halloween.... Crows!!!

So I whipped up one of these guys... and added some wings that I frayed the edges on and sewed a little silver detail on. I have him up in my kitchen for now - but soon I will have a whole murder in my birdcage (remember, bunch of crows is called a murder!)

So he's a little bit disco crow... I'm OK with that.

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