Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sick, real sick. Ick!

My house has been overtaken by a cold bug thing. Gross.

I have been so freaking tired I haven't crafted a thing in days... but tonight I think it's time for some homemade chicken soup. Also I have things in the fridge that have to go... I'm looking at you sad celery.

Via: Apartment Therapy

Here is a great article from Apartment Therapy about cleaning out those sad veggies and using them to make a great stock. It's a really good idea... I am never quite organized enough to get that done, but my intentions are good. One day I will be super woman enough to pack lunches in bento boxes, make every meal from food I farm and harvest, and make every gift, card and decoration in my house.... until then... I'll not feel guilty about buying stock. hee hee.

But, friends - should you feel so inclined it really doesn't look that hard, and I bet it would be great if you were also organized enough to feeze it in icecube trays... then when you just need a little you have it. Or, you could just throw it all in a ziplock and freeze it. You just made your own stock. You deserve a break.

Meanwhile here is my (ummm.... my moms) chicken soup recipe.

In a large pot you are going to place chunks of chicken (or turkey breast) and cook it slowly in a little oil. While it's cooking away chop up some onion and throw that in too. Let it "sweat" as my mom says...
Then add in your veggies (I usually just go with that sad celery and last of the baby carrots, and a turnip)
Pour in a whole box of chicken stock and if you can find it a package of Lipton Soup Works (but pick out the carrots they are yucky) or I think a bouillon cube would do the trick as well.
While everything is all simmering away I like to put in about two big happy tablespoons of barley (it really thickens up the soup) - and you can add your noodles or rice. You should keep a hot kettle on the stove too if you have one - you will need to top it up and top it up with water as it cooks along.
Season as you like with salt and pepper.

Basic list of ingredients:

Chicken or turkey breast (2) cut into bite size pieces.
3 celery ribs chopped
1 small onion diced/ sliced - however you like it.
2 large carrots diced (or about 1 cup of baby carrots sliced)
1 small turnip
1 box of your favourite chicken broth.
1-2 bouillon cubes (or a package of Soup Works... if you can find it!)
1-2 tbsp barley
1 cup of noodles (egg noodles or rotini are nice)
1 cup rice
1-2 (ish)cups of hot water as you cook it down.

This can stay in the pot on the stove all day... the longer it cooks the better it tastes.

Eat and Be Well!

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