Friday, October 15, 2010

Twine Pumpkin

So yesterday I took on a very low work project... a twine pumpkin. Took about 30ish minutes... tops.

Here's how that went down:

Small boy not included in supplies... he's just cute decoration. (Note the jammies? This was at 5pm yesterday... when we got home from school he decided we might as well get comfy.)

Then you add some larger twine to the mix...

I had a little green raffia in the bin of random things so I made a sort of leafy, vine top on it. I made it curl by using a lighter (carefully!) and melting bits of it and twisting it.

It looks big in the pictures but it's only about 5 inches in diameter.
Note to self - 5pm is a bad picture taking time... oh well. Better than nothing I hope! 

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