Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wall hanging - part two... and three!

My goodness people, I was featured on One Pretty Thing yesterday, talk about exciting - especially for a new blogger such as myself. So, to any new people who came back today - welcome, thanks, and I love you a little bit!

Today I have part two and three of the functional, but cute wall hanging I have in the works for a friends little girl. Both involve old frames, paint and cute fabric.

Oh... just kidding - that's not the paint I used... hmmm. It was the Krylon celery for one, and a bright sunny acrylic paint for the other. It's good I'm on my game like that.

The first is a simple, so simple it hurts, wipeable memo board.
This is just a cheap Ikea picture frame, with fabric inside. Really. That's it. You can use any old washable marker on there, and it will wipe right off the glass  - no sweat. I thought this is a great thing for friends to leave notes, or mom to write reminders on.

The second is a tiny little french memo board... you know how kids have special momentos, movie tickets, special photos, this is a nice neat way to display some, without being permanent. Justin Bieber isn't going to be "it" forever, right?
Also, not hard. There are so so so many tutorials out there for french memo boards. Really. So many.
The idea is to put batting over cardboard or wood, then glue or staple fabric to the back, then glue or staple ribbon or elastic across the board, allowing space for odds and ends to be poked into them. That is it. This one just happens to live in an old picture frame that I spray painted to coordinate with the rest of the pieces.

 It's so nice to make things for little girls sometimes!

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