Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two turtle doves...

So! This is a fun one, totally doable with little kids and works into the attention span of most non-bakers. I'm not much of a baker. Generally speaking my cookies are pre-formed by little a dough man with a ticklish tummy... know what I mean? I make muffin tops because the butts don't come out of the pan. True story.

But this is the easiest thing ever.  Lots of people probably make it in some form or other.

Just, use your imagination on how it fits into the 12 Days of Christmas theme, please.

The ingredients are little pretzels, pecan halves and dove caramels.

What's that? Rolo's? Oh... this is where your imagination comes in. Pretend they are Dove Chocolate Caramel Promises. From here on out when I say "Rolo" you think "Dove" - otherwise this entire post makes no freaking sense. (I couldn't find the dove chocolates anywhere, I hobbled to 3 stores... no dove. Sadness!)

So to recap... Rolo -

Via Amazon

Moving on.

Lay out as many pretzels as you have Dove... or Rolo on a cookie sheet covered with a silicone mat. Preheat the oven to 240 and start unwrapping the chocolate caramels. Place a Dove Rolo on each pretzel and pop into the oven for about 4ish minutes.  When the chocolate caramel is still warm and a tiny bit melty you pull them out and place a pecan on top and squish it down.

Like so (woo! action shot!)

The you just let them cool until you don't burn your mouth off.  (Also you thank me for suggesting the silicone mat... you're welcome!) 

And they look like blobs turtles! Turtle DOVE.... get it? (Remember... imagination... heh heh)

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Grafik-Dezignr said...

bahaha your posts are quite amusing Amy! I look everyday for a new exciting post!

Amy K @ Chestnut Tree Lane said...

Thanks! (and thanks for commenting - I feel like I am talking to myself over here sometimes! ha!)

Christina said...

This might replace my pretzel, Hershey kiss, m & m thingy. Thanks!

Nikki said...

Love the commentary and the ideas! My short attention span, baking loving daughter will love this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. A simple treat to take into the office so that it looks like i give a damn. Good job!

Natasha B said...

I do the pretzel, hershey kiss & M&M combo! YUM!

Amy K @ Chestnut Tree Lane said...

hershey kiss? M+M? I love this idea!

Krystal said...

lol, I love that you used rolos in the picture.

Thanks so much for linking them up to Saturday's party!

-Krystal @ recipesofacheapskate.blogspot.com