Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nine ladies dancing...

Oh you guys... this one stumped me.  I had many ideas, many were time consuming, and some were vulgar. Just kidding, it's not that kind of blog people!  My mind kept going back to shoes, and girls night out, and New Years Eve... then I tossed a few ideas around with friends and we all kind of agreed on a foot scrub.

Well after a very bad experience with making my own bath salts I opted to not make a foot scrub. Especially when I knew what I wanted already exists, and is fabulous. (Would make a neat stocking stuffer too...  oh - does the hubby read the blog?? We shall soon find out!)  I love Burt's Bees. I love the way everything they make smells and feels. My two favourite things are the Ginger Body Wash and the Peppermint Foot Lotion. I am not a fan of most bath products, I don't frequent make up counters... I try everything people give me, but if I am buying for myself it's these two Burt's Bees products.

So if I have danced all night feet, there is nothing more soothing than this stuff:

Treat yourself people... this is the answer to tired feet.

*I was not paid for this, or given a free sample. If the people from Burt's Bees ever come across my little blog... you are welcome. Love you long time.



Jade! said...

Mwhahahahaha! Me love them long time too. However, if you're willing to cross over into dangerous non-Burt territory, you might consider giving LypSyl chapstick a looksie. It's very similar to the Burt's Bees lippy, but this one goes on smoother and (this part is silly but true) it comes in a nifty container with a moveable bee on the side. I found mine at CVS. You'll probably have to look in all their chapstick spots, but this is a very nice product.

I am going to have to try the Ginger Body Wash. It sounds invigorating and I love me some ginger. If you're a ginger fan, you should check out the Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Aid tea. It's amazing! Thanks for visiting me too.


Amy K @ Chestnut Tree Lane said...

I love ginger tea! Lovey love love it! I will definately check that out!

Chickie said...

I too am a huge Burt's Bee fan. If they ever stop making their citrus face cleaner, I will go into full time panic mode and build a hoard of tubes equal only to Elaine's collection of Today Sponges. *Hopes that reference wasn't too weird...*

Amy K @ Chestnut Tree Lane said...

The Elaine reference is killing me! LOL!