Monday, December 13, 2010

Ten Lords a Leaping...

Gingerbread Lords a leaping!

I used a pretty standard recipe I found on Canadian Parents website and adapted slightly... no cloves in the cupboard. No biggie, I used a little bit more ginger and cinnamon.

The best part (I think) about this recipe is that it's kind of hard to mess it up... so it's kid friendly without having a stroke about folding and whipping and egg shells. There is some sifting... which is a great way to keep small people busy while you do all the fun messy parts... like measuring molasses.  Then they can add all the dry ingredients to the wet... more or less.  (Hint: plan this activity on a day you really needed to wash the floor.)

Then you have to wait for the dough to chill. Which is great. I find that the small mister here, has little interest in long projects. So we put on a movie, I call in the dog wash the floor, and clean up the dishes. When the movie is done you can pretty much start rolling out the dough. If they last more than one section of dough - bravo to you!

Then you bake them.... and more waiting for them to cool.

This recipe made WAY more than 10 Gingerbread men Lords.  I think in the end I had about 50 shapes cut out.
That's an entire afternoon... so step two is to be continued!

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