Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eleven Pipers Piping...

Admit it.... you saw this one coming, right?

Well, then there were sadly not eleven pipers piping icing onto 50 cookies. Nope. Only two.

The small mister and I packed up the cookies, the icing sugar, the handy tubes of pre-made and purchased icing, the candy and the millions and millions of sprinkles and headed to Grandma's house! (Sorry mom... ) Oh, and the red and green ensemble - while festive, not planned. I mean really, who thinks... "I know! I'm going to post on my blog - for the public - a picture of myself dressed in my grubbies... I should coordinate this in a festive manner with my son!".  No. Though I do wish I had the forethought to at least coordinate... something. A little lip gloss wouldn't kill me.

Moving on. Who has time for lip gloss when we are creating masterpieces!!

I will not tell you which are mine and which belong to the five year old who has limited piping experience.

Because.... sadly... It's kind of hard to tell.

But look how much fun we had!! Note the cookie pan? Well - brilliantly I thought this was the perfect answer to corralling all the wayward sprinkles. The many... many wayward sprinkles. Brilliant! Well only brilliant if each and every... or any full on sprinkle spills actually happened on the tray. *sigh*. I apologized to my mother right? The best part is, my mom is not exactly the sprinkles and icing kind of gal... she admits this... and yet, somehow, I thought it would be "fun" to do this to her at her house. Good times. I'm sure she is still sweeping up the millions of sprinkles.

Love you mom!


Chickie said...

I love these! Small mister is lucky to have such a fun mom!

Kim said...

THose look great! I'm going to try my hand at them this weekend.