Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Twelve Drummers Drumming!

So this is it - the last day of the 12 Days of Christmas posts. *phew*

I was thinking about whittling a drumming Nutcracker from a unicorn horn... but that posed a series of problems. Such as not knowing how to whittle...

So... drumming.... drums... drummers... drumsticks. Ding ding ding! Chicken drumsticks!
Not a fan of drumsticks... bleh. But  I do love chicken wings! You know what that part attached to the wing that looks like a tiny drumstick is called? A drumette! Drumettes it is!

So never having cooked a chicken wing in my life I consulted the expert, Alton Brown, for his method.

So easy you want to cry. Totally party friendly as it can be made ahead and they are baked crispy... and do not stink up your house with oil. Win-win!

So first you must remove the wing tips and cut the wing apart to separate the drumette from the... other part. Then you steam them... (warning, terrible looking steamed chicken ahead)

Then you kind of question Mr Brown's method. This doesn't look good. At all. But - trust me, keep going. Put them on the rack to drain onto paper towels and refrigerate for a couple hours.

Then you replace the paper towels with foil and set the entire thing in the oven and wait for the magic to happen.  Then you take them out - poke them... burn yourself - and put them back in for a few more minutes if yours are not quite crisp enough. OR - you cover them in sauce and THEN put them back in. Delish.

Now - see how I was all stingy on the foil? Don't do that. Cover the entire pan... easy clean up. OR - you can be like me and once you pull up the stuck on foil - you can soak and wash the pan. Less fun, right?

Serve these babies up with some veggies and dips - yum!

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