Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A project gone wrong.

It happens to all of us, right?

So far my worst project gone wrong was one I had created before Christmas to post in my never quite happened "Favourite Things" series.

I struggled with that whole "raindrop on roses" line... but then I had a brilliant idea involving rose scented bath salts. (I was going on the thought process of "what is so great about raindrops on roses?"... that means it's raining, Maria! Raining! - but I realized it must be the smell! Told you, freaking brilliant thought process on that  one.) SO, I set to work to find a recipe to make such a concoction. It seemed easy enough.

I put rose petals in Epsom and sea salts and let them work their smelly magic. Then I put them them in cute little jars and thought maybe I would put a cute tag on or something jazzy.

Pretty cute right? Who wouldn't want a little gift of rose petal bath salts? It would be lovely, romantic, relaxing... bringing about thoughts of roses after a spring rain.

Except it smelled more like a farmers field after a spring rain. A field of rotting plants. It was putrid. Horrible. I mean... gross. A few days after I put them in the jar they turned on me. They weren't great smelling before they went in the cute jars, but I had hope...  the Internet said it would work.

So, hey, it happens. The Internet lies sometimes, or can make things look easy. I blame good ol' Martha.

Speaking of, I remember when her TV show restarted and she had on Marcia Cross who she was teaching how to make a simple breakfast look fancy, and she was piping HOT eggs back into their shells, and suddenly she stops and exclaims that it's burning her hands off and declares "I would NEVER do this!!"
Best Martha moment ever.

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Kristin said...

I can tell you I have never had luck with roses either ... love how you keep it real - not everything we try turns out :o)