Thursday, January 27, 2011

Instead of a dozen roses...

I like getting flowers, usually. Honestly though, I am more partial to the cheapo grocery store flowers than roses... they are cheaper but usually more colorful and happy to look at. But eventually they die, or if you live in my house your cat nibbles them or knocks them over and stomps the crap out of them. (My cat is strange, he seems to be offended by flowers. I don't know... I don't get it either.)

But roses and sweets are the old Valentines Day standby - maybe a little someone in your house would appreciate a rose they could keep?

I've showed you the Etsy store by Pat at Sunshine and Drizzle before, and I'm showing you again. I just think that for such a reasonable price you have no limits to what you could have put on an umbrella. Spring is coming! (I promise).  I had asked Pat to whip me up a rose covered umbrella when the bath salts went tragically awry and she delivered!

You guys should see some of the other things she has going on over there, monkeys, and princesses, and dinosaurs... super cute.  Plenty of time for a Valentines gift, I think.

Thanks for saving me Pat!

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