Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunny days, Oh sunny, sunny, sunny days.

Or a snow storm. Whichever. More likely is the snowstorm, I heard someone say something about 30 centimeters of snow over the next day or so. I should note here, why do they always sound so chipper when they say that? I am left with mixed feelings of confusion and disappointment when they bust out "Lots of Snow!!" in a fashion akin to Bob Barker announcing a new car in the showcase showdown. I'm all "ooh!!!..... wait... did he say snow?"

Of course, I will be one of the silly people at the supermarket today to pack in some supplies.
High on that list is hot chocolate and marshmallows. Followed closely by things like toilet paper... and other boring items. Probably vegetables. *yawn* See? Boring.

In other good news - tomorrow is Wednesday. um.... yay?
But wait.... I have a surprise for you - you loyal readers... and some new ones who might show up to join in the fun... something free.

It's not.... A New Car!!! That much I can assure you.

On that note - if you are about to be socked into your house, and might be lucky enough to get a snow day (cross fingers!) it would be a good time to get your kids valentines out of the way! (Remember when we were kids? We made our own crap? My kid better take notes this year... he's on his own next year).

I got this idea from a blog last year... which one? No idea - and there are similar copies all over blogland... if you made one - add your link in your comment.

It's blow-pop flowers. You just cut out hearts (4 per flower) and poke a hole in the bottom to slide up the lollipop stick. I totally used my Cricut for this business. Cutting out 100 hearts by hand is pretty up there on the "stuff I would rather die before doing" list... It's a long list... I do subscribe to Martha after all.

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Kristin said...

Oooooh I Cricut! Envy going on! These look great!