Friday, January 7, 2011

The returns and the sales.

So, we are firmly set into January. The Christmas decorations are stored away (well, they are in an organized house, where the men do not outnumber the women... how about that?) and you find yourself in a store... then you wander down the aisle that is picked over, messy and - what's this? - full of sale signs. It's the Christmas Clearance!
I found myself at the local Zehrs Loblaws on Monday and for some reason bought 5 frames for less than a dollar a pop! Maybe they can be painted, or used next year... I have no idea... I was high on discount madness. Madness, I tell you.

Then I combed through the piles of ribbons - Regular $3 and up and I bought a butt load of them... for about $0.35... thirty-five cents a roll. Eeeee!!! Ribbon is handy. Love ribbon. Clearly.

Then I bought a tree that I thought earlier in the season that I could make for less than the $8 price tag.... but can I make it for less than 97 cents? I don't even want to try!

THEN I decided I needed some mini fake trees that come with their own decoration! Why? Again, people, high on discount madness. I'm sure I can come up with some clever amazing way to use these that will make my husband sit back in wonder and marvel at my mad sale buying skills. "All that for less than a dollar?!" He will marvel - "you should have bought more!" - he will exclaim... then he'll call all his friends to tell them how awesome I am with a fake tree.

OK that probably won't happen.  BUT -- good story right?

How did you all do out there in sales land? Or are you busy fighting the returns line?

Ugh. Sale buzz kill:  Returns. Uggghhh. Luckily I have only one return. The big mister bought me a lovely coat. I tried it on and he made a face one would normally reserve for walking into a fart cloud at a perfume counter. So... it's a thumbs down on the coat, in other words. I have been putting it off... but perhaps this weekend I should finally pull the trigger and make that post holiday schlep to the depressing mall that is naked of holiday song and cheer... my least favourite thing after the holidays... said the girl who tunes her car radio to the Christmas music station promptly on Dec 1.


Wendy said...

"I tried it on and he made a face one would normally reserve for walking into a fart cloud at a perfume counter. "
LMFAO omg Amy, you are so hilarious and I miss you. I love the little .97c tree. Great site :)

Kim said...

I bought that mini Christamas tree, but paid the full $12 for it. Sucker.

Amy K @ Chestnut Tree Lane said...

Kim, don't you just hate that?