Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's official, all of the members in my house are now suckers to the almighty infomercial. It started with me and the Cricket. Had to have it. Had to. So I got it... and I like it. It does it's job. When I use it... which is about once a year. Then my son ran towards the display in Canadian Tire yelling "SHAM-WOW!" so, we had to get it. I mean when the kid gets a choice of a dinky car or a piece of cloth, and he picks the cloth, you know the commercials work. Now, my husband is finally guilty of the same infomercial spell. Except he is using what he bought, and has compelled me to use it too. It's not even fun. It leaves me feeling like I got hit by a train. Even worse the next day, if that's even imaginable. Freaking P90X. Have you heard of this torturous set of exercise DVDs? It has a buff, and very chipper man as it's spokes person. It's really hard to hate him, he seems like a nice guy... so I feel a little bad when I mutter expletives under my breath as he is counting out his 500th pull up and urging me to do more... than the 2 I did. Screw you Mr Happy Muscles.
The crazy part is, it's a pretty good system. It's doable, well, mostly. Actually at first you feel like you might die. This is just my first week, and I am pretty sure Mr Happy Muscles is trying to kill me. My husband is mid-way through his second week, and going strong.  Good for him.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I can hardly lift a glue gun I am so sore. Hence the slacker blog posts lately. I have a few things up my sleeve, unfortunately I can't bend my arms to pull them out.

I did get a HUGE frame from the sidewalk boutique this weekend. I am excited about that! I have lots of ideas for it...  decisions, decisions!

Will it be a shallow bookcase?
Via Country Living

Or perhaps a giant memo board? I could use one of those in my future craft room, right? Plus a magnetic one would be pretty fun!

Via Country Living

I've been playing around with the idea of using it as a headboard too! I'm telling you, it's HUGE.

Via Sunset

But before I can do that I have promised my sister that she could use it for her table seating chart at her wedding, which isn't until November! But I think this baby will have a few lives before then...

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