Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Speaking of future craft rooms

Yesterday I kind of tossed out there that I would like to use that giant frame as some kind of cork board in my "future craft room". I said it all blase like I could snap my fingers and blink and it would appear.
The truth is I have cleaned out "The Red Room" more times than I can count and after hours of sweating and donating and re-homing the crap that piles up in this room, it's more like I blink and it refills.

We do not have a big house, but "The Red Room" might as well have a garbage shoot attached to it. It's the only room in the house that doesn't have a function. It's supposed to be a third bedroom, but in our little 1940's home it's more like a forgotten closet. You can fit a single bed in there, along one wall. Not any other wall, it literally won't fit, as in, you wouldn't be able to close the bedroom door, or open the closet door if it were anywhere else. So what's the point of a spare single bed? Better yet, what's the point of an unused single bed, under a pit? None. So right now the "The Red Room" hosts a pile of suitcases, some lost baskets, and random toys, a dresser full of craft supplies... and that's it. Yet, it's a pit.

So I think I am going to finally make it mine. When I broke the news to the Big Mister that I needed it because my craft things are taking over the living room, he said "and the whole house!" - It needs to happen.

I'm thinking "The Red Room" might just go white. That room needs a breath of fresh air. Plus every time I say "Red Room" I think of The Shining... which I know is "redrum"... but I'm Canadian so it sounds the same. Hee!

Via A Mad Tea Party - photo unknown

Jeremy Samuelson Via My Home Ideas

Wish me luck. Going into "The Red Room" aka - The Pit - gives me anxiety. So much stuff! So little room.
Ah... but what these little 1940's four squares lack in storage they make up for in charm... and killer baseboards. Right?

By the way if you like things a little bit retro chic - you need to see this site seriously cute things. WISH I had found it before Christmas so I could not mail those cards instead of the ones I didn't mail this year.
(Anyone else do that? I buy cards every year, I get small misters school pictures ready... and sometimes I even address them... but rarely do I mail them. )

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