Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He's got the fever, I've got the cure.

Good lovin'!
I love that song... I makes me tap my feet (at least that is all I will admit to).

So while we were in Florida, soaking up the sun (and SPF 500 for me), swimming in the pool, meeting Mickey Mouse my Little Mister came down with a fever. I know! Who gets sick at Disney? The place is freaking magical!

So we loaded him up on lots of oranges... we were in Florida, and they were delicious.

The boy loves his oranges... but I knew the real cure would be something a little bit more unusual...

The bendy straw. Never underestimate the power of the bendy straw. It even convinced the Big Mister to drink more fluids when he suffering that stomach virus that was going around. The bendy straw may even possess more magic than Disney.

Yes I said it. More magical than Disney. *gasp*

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