Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stuck on you!

This little piece of handy crafty uselessness was born out of necessity. I am always crafting where I shouldn't be - at the pretty dining room table. So I am always looking for a piece of cardboard, or cereal box or something to rest my glue gun on so it doesn't drip molten hot glue onto my pretty table.

After making this memo board for my friends daughter I had a lonely piece of glass floating around.  I held onto it figuring I would come up with something for it.

Glue gun rest it is. Ew! Look at how grungy my glue gun is! Everyone elses is that way too, right? I've had this baby for 10 years... at least. But look at what she is resting on... ooooh aaaaah... or other noises of wonder. I'm not picky.

So ages ago I had this brilliant idea (which I stole from Young House Love) involving sticking up 12x12 panels of cork to the inside of my cupboards to keep my fridge free of madness. Truly brilliant. But my madness was too much for the poor things. They all came tumbling down, and I had 4 panels of cork. Now what? Well they went in the "I can't throw you out for fear I find a use for you, someday you WILL be awesome" pile (along with the glass from the frame). Then one day they met and became awesome.

I cut out the cork flush to the glass - podged the buggers together and even stuck a little cricut cut out in between.

I guess you could paint the cork, or put pretty paper over it. But, people, it's a rest for your glue gun not a gift for your mother in law. Let's not go crazy here. The only reason I put the little cut out in there was to show off how crazy awesome I am. 

Thanks for popping in today!

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