Monday, May 16, 2011

Slack on, Slacker!

Thank goodness for my pal Kelly last week! Between first T-ball game, crazy hair day, surprise school concerts and a couple days of yard work I was tapped out when it came time to post. Kelly really saved the week with her awesome posts (how excellent was that dresser?! Loved that.)

But today I am getting back on track for this week, I have a few posts lined up, and I am spending the day getting them ready to go - we had a productive, but busy week and have spent our evenings and weekends really tackeling those constant eyesores we had going on.

The first up was our lovely backyard. We are so lucky to have a big backyard in the city, especially with a busy boy and a crazy dog. They both really enjoy it. It is almost heartbreaking to admit, this yard was planted and designed by a landscape architect before we swooped down with our play gym, dog and cluelessness. Between the destruction of those two, and the random attempts of the Big Mister and myself when it comes to gardening this backyard it was time to admit this was no longer a sweet, green, lush yard. It was now a balding, out of shape yard.

Go ahead. Cue the sad trombone. Every spring this is what we were to be faced with. We had to do something about it. Honestly we had been slowly picking away at making some improvements to the yard for the past couple of years... but then it gets really REALLY nice... and we go to the in laws cottage. They have a great yard. Heh.

So over the last week or so when we had the opportunity we managed to haul those rocks out from under the deck and shape out the bed, remove the ever-persistent creeping charlie (grr!!) fill it with bags upon heavy bags of topsoil, transplant some wandering extra hostas and top it with many many bags of mulch. Finally I have something back there that makes me smile (not including small mister, and the crazy dog) and gives some pride back to the once sad back yard.

There are still a few bald spots... oh yes. We know. BUT... they have been seeded... and we are hoping for the best. It's only hostas, yes, I know, but it's not a track of mud and dirt anymore. So I say mission accomplished.

Oh - and since I am all about sharing here... have you ever taped off your kids head with green painters tape? Luckily they quickly see they now have rad purple stripes for Crazy Hair Day, and are not HIGHLY pissed at  your "brilliance" anymore.

Oh. Hmm. Pretend this doesn't look like a mug shot, and that he is smiling... 

Thanks for stopping in today!


Chickie said...

Your yard looks great! Yard work is my Achilles heel. I hate it. And I love Small Mister's hair. LOVE!

Kelly said...

Nice work, mama! The yard looks awesome and that hair...the coolest!