Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rain, rain - go away?

We have a few days of rain ahead of us here in South Western Ontario, so I sit looking out the window at the dull day filled with colorful leaves... it could be worse.

Besides the little black dress, every girl in this neck of the woods should own a fun pair of rain boots and a ridiculously big umbrella. I noted this while dropping the small mister off at school. I also noted that I do not own a little black dress... nor fun rain boots (well I did but the left one turned yellow in the sun... but that;s a sad tragic story for another day) I also don't have a big ass umbrella.  Not for lack of looking either folks! Or buying! I used to be afraid to open them in the store, because of the bad luck of course, so it was always a gamble. Now... after many wimpy purchases I stand next to the rack, check the vicinity for sales people who give dirty looks and push that button "click" POW! I swear I have flashes to Ralphie's mom from A Christmas Story every time... I'm sure I am about to put my eye out. They really should have adequate umbrella testing room. Moving on.... Etsy! 

Look at this cute hand painted baby from Sunshine and Drizzle on Etsy:

If that doesn't brighten your rainy day how about this adorable happy print from Michele Maule

This is just perfection... perfect for the entry! Don't you think? This is why I love Etsy... so much talent all collected and organized. It's like a flea market meets craft show meets antique shop... and all from the comfort of your own home.

Personally I don't mind the gloomy drizzle days.... it's the perfect excuse to wear silly boots, juggle a silly umbrella and fancy coffee and feel cute.

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