Monday, January 17, 2011


The new year means putting all the holiday crap back into storage... and that means remembering where it all came from, which box contains which thing... fitting in the new things... it's like playing jenga with large items. Not fun. Honestly I still have a few items to poke away still, but I am suddenly afraid of my basement and being attacked by the Jedi mouse. I'm sure he's a Jedi... he is mind tricking the peanut butter off the trap without setting it off, enough said.... moving on.

So in an attempt to avoid that task I reorganized my bedroom in order to accommodate a TV. *gasp*
I said I would "never" have a TV in my room, TVs are for watching, beds are for sleeping. Then I became out numbered... and when my choices are Superhero Squad or football.... TV in the bedroom it is.

My next "avoid the basement" trick will be the hall closet. I'll even take pictures. I used to be so so smug proud of my linen closet. With it's Martha-esque labelled bins of Bath Towels, and Dog Bath and Baby Towels etc. It was a dream. *sigh* Then the baby was born, and it kept up for a while, I even reorganized the thing to make it all work for the new addition. Then I got lazy. I hate folding sheets. Lets just say that and leave it there.

Martha's closet
 I also have a cute cheap mitten storage solution coming up. You're going to like it.

Blue Bird and Red Mittens by Constant Dreamer - via Etsy

Did everyone get their new 2011 calendar up already? Seriously? I'm not even there yet. I've decided my new year starts in February, apparently. I can't commit to a new calendar. I have to look at it all year, you know? I like the ones you can jot notes into the squares, that hang on the fridge...  easy reference... I like the way the dry-erase and wall decal ones look, love it actually, but I need the paper version I can flip ahead and see what date the second weekend of August is. I don't know why I need that, but I do.

I'm leaning towards this simple, printable one from an etsy seller (Fibers and Twigs, which has quite a few cute printable ideas on their shop!)

Fibers and Twigs on Etsy

So - that's my Monday. The usual "bite off more than I can chew", that's how I roll!

Jedi Mouse. Really! (Via Etsy - House of Mouse)

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